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I. Aims of the forum:
The main objective of the planning forum is to develop plan consciousness among the general public of the locality.
2. Function:
(a) To organise discussion of Five Year plans and day to day
economic policies ador-ted by the Government.
(a) To help people in distress and to organise social welfare
(b) To recommend help to the needy and deserving study of the college.
2. Finance:
(a) Each student of the college has to contribute and annual
subscription of Rs. 1/- towards the

A student of this college can join theN.C.C. or the N.S.S. or the Rovers & Rangers unit. He / she can be a member of anyone of the three units at a time. N.S.S. (NATION LSERVICE SCHEME):  Three N.S.S. units, two for men students and one for womeli students, with a capacity for enrollment or students function in this college under the National Service

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When the idea of establishing a college began to take shape it promised to open up doors to higher learning sponsored. The founding members rightly took up the name of Vyasa, the archetype of the Universal man and of men's intellectual attainment for its nomenclature.
Thecollege so established came to be known as VYASADEV COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOG which was later changed to VYASANAGAR COLLEGE. The college has lent its name to the town that houses it.The college is ideally located at a distance of 4 kms away from the bus stand and the rail way station. 

The college was shifted to its present site in the year 1966, after the Puja holiday, when a part of the main building was constructed with the generus confumation of the public on a plot ofland measuring 32 acres. In succeeding years. Intermediate Arts stream began in the year 1966 & Degreee classes in Arts stream in the year 1968. Intermediate commerce classes began in 1975-76 and science classes with PCMB from the session 1978-79. Degree classes in science stream began in 1981-82. Honours classes ih various faculties stalted atdiffereht times. Tbecollege was affIlited to the council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa in 1983. Separation of +2 wings has been made with the notification of Govt. from the seesion 2009-10,
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